Fundraising and Grant-writing

Researching opportunities, managing deadlines, and drafting proposals can be a tedious task. Let me organize the details while you reap the rewards.

I expertly reach out to donors, supporters, and grant-making institutions by clearly communicating your missions and goals.

I’ll narrow your program’s focus and efforts – identifying your most pressing needs, program priorities, and daring dreams – and draft proposals that employ effective and empowering language.

I’ve successfully obtained over $20,000 in funding in the fields of Art, Education, Early Childhood Literacy, Community Building, Health Education and Professional Development.

I’ve worked with University Foundations, Private Foundations, State Commissions, and Federal Grant-making Institutions.

Running a non-profit is already a lot of paperwork – let’s knock that pile down together while I get you the money you need to keep your programs and activities running smooth.

Ready to get started? Need a Quote? Fill out my New Client Questionnaire and I’ll get back to you in a jiffy!

Signature - Pea Virginia


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