Moons for Syria

Assalamu alekoum, hello, and thank you for joining me!

Moon for Syria I & Moon for Syria II are limited-availability charity artworks available in partnership with Art for Syria and NuDay Syria.

moon for Syria 1      moon for Syria 2

If you have not done so already please give your $10 donation for each download using the button below. Or browse all the artworks and donate for everything at once through the PayPal link located on the Art for Syria website.

Make a Donation Button

It’s on the honor system – and I won’t be able to tell if you donated or not – so please do the right thing and make sure to give your donation(s). 🙂

Neither myself, nor any of the other participating artists, will receive any portion of your donation. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to NuDay Syria to assist in their humanitarian efforts. You can read more about NuDay Syria here.

A bit about my artworks Moons for Syria:

This diptych, consisting of Moon for Syria I & Moon for Syria II, are digital collages.

With all my digital collages I use powerful image-editing software to manipulate and layer photographs, textures, drawings, hand-cut papers, and even scanned images of actual textiles (like fabric and lace), to create multi-dimensional images.

These particular artworks consist of over 25 opaque and translucent layers of overlapping images, designs, textures and colors – creating a sense of ethereal space and evoking a calm and contemplative mood.

The artworks are best printed on photographic paper (matte or glossy) with high-quality inks, and are also suitable for framing. Artwork dimensions when printed are approximately 8″ x 8″ (square) with a 1/4″ white border on three sides and a larger white border at the bottom containing a bit about me and what I’m all about. 🙂

You can trim them to fit into 8″ x 8″ square frames as visualized here:

moon for Syria 1 mockup      moon for Syria 2 mockup

Please note: These artworks are for personal use and enjoyment only, I retain all rights and ownership to the original artworks. You may not print multiple copies for distribution or sale in any way – but please DO encourage others to visit me here, or the Art for Syria website, to donate and download their very own copies. Together we can ensure that needed humanitarian projects have the funds they need to help those who are suffering.

Once you’ve donate please click the big black “+” below to sign up and receive your link to the PDF download of your complementary art. You may also contact me via my Facebook page (link is also below) or e-mail me: janet_kozak(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Thank you so much for participating! Please feel free to contact me if you have ANY questions! May Allah (God) bless you for your generous donation.



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